The Band Rocks...

Rock your company's socks off with your hidden talents!

Music is a powerful tool for engaging, innovating and re-energizing your team. Do you have what it takes? 
When passion, energy and confidence is all what you need… at least to get started. Add the coaching skill of a musical pro, a great studio full of instruments and a small group of curious people (6 to 20 pax) and what you get is  great laughter and great music

  • Team Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Team performance
  • Team maintenance
  • Unlocking talent
  • Team unity & alignment
  • Building positive mindset
  • Managing stress
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Learning & development

Being collaborative, creative and adaptable in an environment that is in a constant flux. 

Like business teams, rock bands have to satisfy a variety of stakeholders: their customers (audiences), their peers, and their critics. Partnerships, support and encouragement are necessary.

What does it take to play well together in tune and in synch? Behind the notes, score and the music sheet learn to play by ear. And enjoy the rockn roll attitude.

  • Synchronize as a Team for performance
  • Unlock your ‘hidden’ talent and artistry
  • Hidden dimension of Communication
  • Appreciate each other – Profiling
  • Openness , feedback and feed-forward
  • The nuances of the band at play
  • Develop assertiveness and confidence to go beyond your perceived limitations
  • Every one will enter the studio worried and leave it in awe, humming to the latest tune you just managed to play together like an authentic band.  
  • Go out of your comfort zone, think and act as part of a creative team.  
  • You may have little or no musical training, yet you will spend a great time with “your band” – either learning to play and sing popular  songs or you’ll create lasting take-aways