Boom Boom Drums...

Get in synch using the art of musicality! 

Boom Boom Drums is an experience of creativity and communication through the use of drums, percussion and movement to create rhythm. As confidence and ability grows, teams merge together in preparation for the stunning, thundering, uplifting crescendo of a pulsating orchestrated performance. Teams will learn the art of keeping time, reading signals for 'breaks' and above all, that there is no room for the individual ego to dominate.

  • Team Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with change
  • Team performance
  • Fostering diversity
  • Unlocking talent
  • Team unity & alignment
  • Leadership
  • Managing stress
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Learning & development

Playing the drum can be noisy, especially with a (large) group of people playing different rhythms. What does it take to build unity over diversity? Get in synch by using the art of musicality. Being consistent, learning to be patient, trusting and supporting each other will creates cohesive, well performing teams.

  • Keeping focused and cohesive in spite of distractions and noise. 
  • The need for unity and cohesiveness: working in unison
  • Incorporating various business processes / cultures together
  • Managing oneself as a group / team – Group effectiveness
  • Welcoming people and change – On-boarding / Integration
  • Leading people, coordinating / conducting
  • Collaborating as a whole, playing in unison
  • Get your hands burning tapping the drums 
  • Create your own musical arrangements 
  • Try variety of instruments including bells, metal and wooden percussions
  • Practice middle eastern rhythm
  • Quote
    Unity in diversity is the highest possible attainment of a civilization, a testimony to the most noble possibilities of the human race. This attainment is made possible through passionate concern for choice, in an atmosphere of social trust.
    Michael Novak