The Mission at East Coast...

A powerful activity guaranteed to build and strengthen any team.

For this leadership-based exercise, teams will have to rally to gather information in a limited set of time. CLUES will be available for purchase using the Gold Coins. Teams can trade / buy / sell clues to determine locations. TEAMS can send their COMMANDOS, while OPERATORS continue to TRADE clues determine more locations.

  • Team Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Team performance
  • Challenging norms
  • Being strategic
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Learning & development

Building the conditions for achieving your mission.

The Mission is putting participants on a path to self-discovery. At the end of the quest lies the secret to team happiness; a self-managed, well-performing team where every one counts and contributes.

  • Developing essential team skills: From openness & trust to appreciation and commitment
  • Team leadership – Team membership: links and relationships between both?
  • Team maintenance: keeping your team cohesive and motivated
  • Collaborative mindset: the sum of the parts is more than the parts together
  • Gold coins to purchase clues
  • Stock exchange principles
  • Creative and Competitive spirit