Pirate Odyssey...

A-hoy! Compete in teams to overcome the perils of a Pirates' life while searching for the coveted lost treasure.

Trust and communication is essential at sea, especially when conquering new territories! Pirate teams will compete for gold coins, their treasures and for the most renowned title "The Most Fearless Pirates of the Seven Seas". Equipped with tools and an old map, you will face challenges to win treasure! In doing so, learn how to synergize with fellow crewmembers to create a flotilla of fearless warriors, shared experiences and values.

  • Team Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Team performance
  • Challenging norms
  • Team maintenance
  • Resource management
  • Leadership
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Learning & development

Change is the norm!

In an organisation, the discomfort and challenges that change creates is often underestimated. Yet, teamwork and collaboration is a powerful method to move through the gears of change. When you are a pirate, your ship may sink, you may even be captured and join a new crew.What can we learn from the modern day pirate? What qualities do they demonstrate that we can tap on as we go through changes and challenges. 

  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Trust building
  • Collaborative spirit 
  • Team spirit and enthusiasm
  • Positive attitude and negotiation skills
  • Cross Functional working
  • Pirate outfits (eye patches, swords and a bad attitude)
  • Songs and pirate spirit
  • Chest, gold coins and old maps
  • Competitive games to win Gold Coins