Crime Scene Investigation...

A crime is committed and the FBI needs the company's help. Just make sure the right culprit is caught.

A team of FBI experts interrupts your conference and presents the details of a crime that occurred last night. Amidst confusion and intrigue, a temporary FBI office is settled in your premises. Each team must collect evidence. End of the day, teams will apply their theories to attempt to unravel the big picture. Just ensure you put the right culprit in prison.

  • Team Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with change
  • Team performance
  • Challenging norms
  • Team maintenance
  • Resource management
  • Enabling motivation
  • Team unity & alignment
  • Building positive mindset
  • Leadership
  • Being strategic
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Learning & development

Keeping The Big Picture in Mind 

When many people try to make decisions together, being right or wrong is not good enough. Practicing the art of consensus will require many more skills; listening, thinking and questioning. Brainstorming and Information management is critical. Knowing each others strengths and planning ensures success in problem solving.

  • Managing information
  • Developing consensus
  • Decision making
  • Innovation
  • Visit the real crime scene
  • Meet up with suspects dressed up in real life costumes
  • Interview the suspects live
  • Make sure the right culprit is caught
  • Quote
    He who decides a case without hearing the other side, though he decide justly, cannot be considered just
    Seneca - Roman Philosopher