Ipad Resort World Sentosa Amazing R...

An HIGH TECH amazing race, to enjoy one of Asia great integrated resort and build lasting memories while using social media type of technology.

Participants will have the chance to discover selected areas of RWS and attempt the quizzes, photo and video challenges. They will have to work as team as there is only 1 (or 2) iPad per team for 6 to 10 participants.

Photos and Videos challenges as well as answers are easily sent through the app. And Yet, anyone will need to take part in every challenge. There will also be spare copies of challenges in paper form so that everyone can have a fair share to read through the challenges together and participate.

Scoring of the photo and video challenges is done live during the activity by the backend team. Please note that the consolidation of the photos/videos after the event ends will take roughly about half an hour and we will transfer it into a thumb drive and pass to you

  • Team Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with change
  • Creative Thinking
  • Team performance
  • Team maintenance
  • Fostering diversity
  • Building positive mindset
  • Being strategic
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Learning & development

The combination of high tech IPAD to the amazing race adds another level of fun as well as a level of complexity. Are we able to use technology to our advantage or are we limited by it? In the challenge, the ability to use the technology well should be discussed and reviewd in the team to ensure the best results. Besides the IPAD usage, team members need to also be strategic in chasing points and managing times. There is enough for a great time together and a few good learning points too.

  • Being creative
  • Solving problems
  • Getting every one involved
  • Managing time effectively
  • Being strategic
  • Keeping everyone energised and having a great time
  • Get to know key highlights of RWS
  • Many fun photos
  • Cool Dance Moove
  • Discover hidden corners of RWS
  • Get to know key highlights of RWS
  • Fun active challenges: Rope or Construction or Chapteh etc...
  • Enjoy a great photo and video show during dinner (Montage upon request)