F1 On Track...

Invention, strategy and luck! Add teamwork, a grassy patch or a ballroom and lots of construction material, and you've got the winning ingredients for a fun and memorable F1 teambuilding. 

This program involves planning, budgeting, designing, building and  marketing then if time permits, racing the F1 in small teams. With many possible variations, teams will be using items like cardboard poles, tubes, canvas, ropes, décor and ingenuity to construct a vehicle worthy of Champion.

  • Team Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Team performance
  • Resource management
  • Team unity & alignment
  • Leadership
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Learning & development

Building and Implementing strategy.

What does it take to execute your vision, mission and integrate your values. What are the limitations? Resources/Time/Human resources?

Goals, Roles and Process Management is critical to individual and team success.

  • Effective strategy within each team
  • Problem solving solutions, distribution of roles, team communication
  • Overall key insights and how these provide opportunities to improve teamwork, shared leadership and  initiative in the future
  • F1 On Track tests the communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of teams whilst constructing the ultimate model F1 vehicle


  •  Sourcing your construction and decorative materials

  •  Creativity & ingeniousness for deco and your “commercial time”

  • SCHUMI’s Award (most spectacular F1)