Teambuilding Solutions

Teambuilding : Team Building is not just a once-a-year affair, it is a day-to-day effort. At the core of successful organizations, lies the ability to motivate and inspire teams, to lead teams, divisions, departments and the whole organization. To achieve their goals, organisation need to evoke clarity and vision: a common vision, alignment of various goals and purpose, effective communication, trust and respect among the various stakeholders. Team members need to exhibit commitment, accountability and a willingness to achieve
Ipad Challenges : OIA IPAD treasure hunts, amazing races or running man-type quests are a must for those of you who demand a highly interactive and exciting engagement solution, together with high tech features and social media features Try OIA IPAD treasure hunts, amazing races or running man-type quests! And get involved in a completely new way to communicate with the rest of your guests - providing an excellent new connected-experience for your team building event.

Adventure Quests : Adventure Quest are an outdoors-based Amazing Races / Running man type of challenge-based program. Typically, they will bring you to lively local places, very scenic view points and even outstanding landscapes. They will also involve a variety of low impact sports or adventures - like kayaking, raft building, shooting, etc...

Amazing Races & Quests & Running Man : Amazing races and Quests are related in some manner to the country and destination wherein they are located or their culture. Clues provided in each leg lead the teams to the next destination or direct them to perform a task, either together or by a single member.